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Beautiful photography is about framing the perfect moment with exquisite lighting and exposure, in a way that resonates with the viewer. It’s about creating images that celebrate, commemorate and leave a legacy.

It’s about everything leading up to that moment and everything following that moment.

It’s about the experience.

We believe that you ultimately want to know, from beginning to end, that you will be taken good care of.

We have an authentic approach and style. We cannot do what we do without getting to know you: what’s your story, your style, your inspiration.

We don’t muddy it up with filters, over-editing and photoshop. Our skilled team utilizes professional equipment, creative lighting and tasteful retouching so that the images produced are simply a reflection of who you are.

We keep it simple for you. We’ve got the answer before you’ve thought of the questions and we’ve worked through the process, right down to the last detail.

Most importantly, we have fun! We put your mind at ease by building a relationship and ensuring excellent imagery.

That’s the 2b difference. And that’s how we deliver the very best experience.



1701 1st Avenue South, Suite 107
Birmingham, AL 35233