The Barn at Shady Lane Wedding Inspiration, Birmingham: Amanda + Aaron

We had a blast with Styled Shoots Across America as they made a stop in Birmingham Alabama to share their wealth of wedding inspiration.  The Barn at Shady Lane, nestled among rolling hills in the outskirts of Hoover, is a beautiful scene for private and exclusive wedding day celebrations.  The barn was all dressed up and [...]

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Shoal Creek Golf and Country Club Birmingham Wedding: Marion + Andrew

Marion and Andrew's scenic Shoal Creek Country Club wedding day was filled with breathtaking views that held so many memories for the family. Marion's parents were married in this same venue many years before, so the scenery had significant baring on the emotions of the day and they all drew on nostalgia as old memories were strengthened [...]

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Bridesmaid Gift Inspirations

Wondering what to gift your entourage of ladies who will be fetching for you, tearing up at your beauty, celebrating with you and holding your train while you pee? This is not a decision that should be taken lightly.  I mean, these are the girls who have listened to you gripe about past relationships.  They [...]

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Oak Alley Plantation Louisiana Wedding : Julia + Andrea

Photos by Becca Andrèa left Switzerland and relocated to none other than Tuscaloosa, Alabama for the all-American college experience.  Well, he ended up with so much more than that.  Andrèa met Julia at the University of Alabama. They were both on the swim team and both very much kindred adventurous spirits. After dating and becoming best friends [...]

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Douglas Manor Birmingham Alabama Wedding: Taylor + Jacob

Photos by Bre Taylor and Jacob celebrated their union just south of Birmingham at Douglas Manor in Columbiana, Alabama. The classic, neutral palette mixed with the greenery and rustic elements fit perfectly with this natural, outdoor setting. It was just the right amount for a laid-back kind of elegance.  We really loved Taylor's wedding [...]

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Independent Presbyterian Church Birmingham Alabama Wedding: Priscilla + Spencer

According to Bre, Priscilla and Spencer's wedding goes down in the books as the most stunning church wedding she has ever photographed, and we can see why! Independent Presbyterian Church is over a century old, and the stained glass windows paired with the hanging lights will take your breath away! Priscilla walked down the aisle looking [...]

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Rucker Place Birmingham Alabama Wedding: Jennifer + John

Even if you end up with a rainy wedding day, is there anything more romantic than embracing it and kissing in the rain? Plus rain is good luck, right? Definitely no one was going to rain on Jennifer and John's parade at the Historic Rucker Place in Birmingham.  The sparkly sprinkles can make things look [...]

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A Note From Becca

Hello! Congratulations on your engagement! I'm so excited for you two, as you not only begin to plan a wedding but a life together. It is my delight to help you preserve these memories with a timeless, authentic lifestyle approach. My team and I capture the details and precious moments exactly as they happen, so [...]

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The Boutique PhotoBooth

Here's why we think you should choose the Boutique PhotoBooth by 2b Photography: 1. Guests can share their fun in real time and splash their social media platforms with images from the super cool iPad kiosk! 2. Onsite printing 3. Customized PhotoBooth to match theme of your event- DIY inspired boards from contemporary and fun to rustic [...]

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