Bridesmaid Gift Inspirations

Wondering what to gift your entourage of ladies who will be fetching for you, tearing up at your beauty, celebrating with you and holding your train while you pee?

This is not a decision that should be taken lightly.  I mean, these are the girls who have listened to you gripe about past relationships.  They roomed with you in college and shared notes with you. You got in car accidents together and went through some not-so-flattering “finding myself” phases together.  Don’t forget the countless trips to the mall and mounds of fashion advice.  They are one of the few people in the world who would tell you if your last root touch up was jacked, or if a little boogie was peeking.

These girls have traveled near and far to be by your side as you say goodbye to the single life and “I do” to your forever love.

Bridesmaid Gift Set

Personalized makeup bags are a fun way to help the girls keep track of ALL the little things they’ll need throughout the day: lipstick for touchup, safety pins (never fails someone needs a safety pin), tissues (LOTs of tissues), tylenol, phone, and on and on…

Bridesmaid Gift Set

Matching robes, yessss! These satin beauties will take you way back to slumber party days for those “oh look at how matchy matchy cute we are!” girlish squeals and giggles.  Go ahead and get it out of your system because this may be the last time it’s cute.

As photographers we LOVE the beautiful keepsakes and details that add a layer of texture and warmth to the wedding day collection of images.  And what I love even more is when those details will bring about laughter, fun and maybe even a few bitter sweet tears.

A champagne gift set to make mimosas and toast to those crazy, happy days of being “the girls” does ALL of that.  It’s beautiful and personal and oh the conversations that are had over a cocktail, am I right?

Bridesmaid Champagne Gift Set The mini bottles of champagne are the perfect size for sipping, reminiscing and giggling through the “getting ready” part of the day, and not so big that you have to worry about your “light-weight” friend getting a little too tipsy before the ceremony.

The personalized stemless champagne flute is a trendy keepsake she’ll keep forever as one more reminder of a few of life’s greatest moments, with you, her friend.

Bridesmaid Champagne Gift Set

The perfect way to say “Thank you” for all those times she was there for you and priceless memories were made.

Don’t forget the little flower girl!  We’ll make sure her “champagne” is a kid-friendly option for yummy mock-tails and she’ll love feeling like one of the big girls!

We’ll customize the set to the colors of your wedding day!  With 20 color options from pastels to bolds and metallics, the bridesmaid champagne gift sets are picture perfect!

Click the button below to order your Bridesmaid Champagne Gift Set and get ready for the fun times ahead!

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