Baby Rowen: Simply Newborn Photography Session

Natural and Neutral minimalist newborn session in Birmingham, Alabama

Photos by Amy

This shoot with sweet baby Rowen was definitely a favorite! Sometimes the saying “less is more” really rings true especially with newborn sessions.  Capturing the beauty of a newborn on a neutral palette without the use of props creates an extra focus just on the baby (and mom and dad, too).
Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 12.55.39 AM

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With these crisp whites, you may be wondering how long a naked baby can last before creating a non-diapered mess, but our photographers are prepared to handle anything! Things get soiled all the time, but we just clean up and keep going! Amy will have everything you need as far as blankets, backdrops, and more


If you are wanting a simple shoot like this but trying to decide about having it in the studio vs. your own home, there are really benefits of each.  For the lifestyle home shots, you can get a more personalized, unique, unposed shoot to document nursery details and your baby’s first environment.  With the studio, you don’t have to be overwhelmed about cleaning your home to be featured in the images and can have a place to just show up, relax, and leave with beautiful images of your child.  Our photographers love shooting home lifestyle and posed newborn and consider it an honor to be a part of either!

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