ProFolio vs. Headshot

Let’s face it, you need  a “headshot” as much as you need a shot-in-the-head.  Ya know that stale, stiff, boring and so outdated concept of the traditional headshot?  Let’s wad it up into a tight little ball and toss it far far away.

Welcome to what we call your ProFolio (The PRO-fessional’s port-FOLIO) session!2017-05-31_0001

In Bryan’s 30 minute session he was able to relax in front of the camera as we did a sequence of movements that are very natural for the professional’s world.  We started with him sitting, as if in a meeting, then buttoning his jacket and adjusting sleeves as one would do upon standing.”

Do you wear suits to work every day? No? Then you won’t wear one here!

Do you keep a look on your face all day, like you’ve been sitting on a bicycle with no seat? No? GREAT!

All we ask is that you come ready to have fun and let us help you look and feel like a million bucks!

With the right lighting and direction, you will feel comfortable, relaxed and totally YOU.  We don’t over photoshop, we simply help you present the very best version of yourself.  Which, isn’t that what you want to show your clients anyway?

2b|Photography is serving professionals to enhance their professional image for stronger marketing campaigns that will attract their ideal and ultimately grow their brand and business!

Whether you are branding yourself or your business overall and need excellent images of the entire staff of 100+, we’ve got you.

“Start Your Experience” with 2b|Photography!

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